Editorial God has honored the day of humble beginnings! Travelling back to the ‘Land of letters’ – Kottayam in Kerala State, India; in the last week of December 1978, during the IPC Kottayam District Convention, the four ‘Mathews’ friends, namely, V.M Mathew, C.V Mathew, T.M Mathew, and Mathew Thomas got together at the far back …

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Editorial A church or any organization that has a strong sense of its history will have a better sense of identity to build on for the future. Each organization should take a look back to rediscover how they came into being and how it has grown and changed over the years. It is the right …

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Editorial I am honored to offer my warmest greetings and congratulations as you release the first copy of our online English publication, “Goodnews Illuminer”, after months of hard work and planning. I am grateful for the opportunity to recognize the exemplary work of our young team, its management, editorial team, writers, designers, and everyone who …

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