God has honored the day of humble beginnings! Travelling back to the ‘Land of letters’ – Kottayam in Kerala State, India; in the last week of December 1978, during the IPC Kottayam District Convention, the four ‘Mathews’ friends, namely, V.M Mathew, C.V Mathew, T.M Mathew, and Mathew Thomas got together at the far back of the Convention ground (Thirunakkara Maidan, Kottayam) to finalize their discussion which had been going on for a month. They got together at the aforementioned ground as usual for the regular chat, but with a great vision to begin a new weekly publication for the Pentecostals in Kerala. Their ultimate aim was to bring all the various Pentecostal denominations together, and through that a spiritual renewal in India. Later, Bro. Thomas Vadakkekut also joined this team. All of them agreed to the idea and Goodnews was born 42 years ago. After two weeks the first copy was released at the Kumbanad Convention by Pastor C.K Daniel and Pastor P.L Paramjyothi.

God is faithful indeed; He helped our fathers to take the publication forward through all these years without any stain or blemish. Times changed and challenges of newer generations surfaced; and GOODNEWS as always welcomed the challenges as it moved forward without compromising its core values and principles. In 2018 ‘onlinegoodnews. com’ was born, and ‘Goodnews Live’ followed, both of them now holding an unchallenging space in the new generation media wave.

Now it is time to take the next step forward with an English edition. The Board of Directors decided to give the charge of this new venture to the younger generation, and to involve the ones who walked with Goodnews from their younger days through Goodnews Balalokam, and are now placed globally and excel in different walks of life.

We, the leaders of English edition, ‘Goodnews Illuminer’ is committed to uphold the same principles of Goodnews Malayalam weekly, to give opportunity to young writers and explore the skills within them, and to give representation to every country where our youths are present. As a humble beginning, we plan to publish as a monthly, but to follow suit of our mother publication to become a weekly. The Goodnews English edition ‘Goodnews Illuminer’ will be published in PDF format and will be sent to everyone for FREE. We aim to raise revenue for operations through advertisements, and I request everyone’s support in this matter. I, as the printer & publisher of ‘Goodnews Illuminer’, along with all the office-bearers request your sincere prayers and support for this venture.

With prayers,

Wesly Mathew, Dallas, USA

Publisher, Goodnews Illuminer

WESLY MATHEW Dallas, USA<br>Publisher<br> Goodnews Illuminer

Goodnews Illuminer

Rev. Jackson Kurian is an ordained Pastor and Bible Teacher. He also serves as the Mission Director at Fellowship Ashram Church of India. He holds B.Th (FBC, India), M.Th (Laidlaw College, New Zealand), and M.A in Sociology (Karnataka University, India). He lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his wife Reny and two children, and teaches at Ebenezer Pentecostal church.

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