Charity & Mission Works

Further to the inception of Goodnews in 1978, its charitable arm Goodnews charitable society had come into existence in 1983 and used by Lord to be instrumental in supporting many needy ones in our community.
As we stand today, feeling so grateful to God, we had completed about 1500 houses for the homeless, and in numerous wedding helps, conducted abuot 50 mass weddings, so many academic help, ongoing and continues help for widows, and many other projects. Also, we were present with a helping hand in natural calamities, and our first such project was Latur, India earthquake in 1993. Ever since we were present with support in any mishaps and the last ongoing is the COVID 19 help.

Following are a few of our major ongoing projects.
1) Goodnews Philips housing project in Nilambur.
This housing project planned in a 9-acre land which was donated by a family in Nilambur and the 1st phase has done in about 1 1/2 acre. The housing here mainly focused on elderly pastors who do not have any house to live and no one to take care ( Not limited to, though). They will have a fellowship hall within the community and other common facilities. Now 12 of the houses are completed, and Electricity and water connection also obtained. The handing over ceremony will be on 15/10/2020 in a simple function. Work is on progress for four houses and fellowship hall as of now. We thank God for that beautiful family who donated nine acres of land in Nilambur.
2) Education helps. Scholarships gave to needy students. Merit awards also gave on achievements.
3) Professional courses scholarship: This project mainly focuses on bright students who want to go to professional courses and who can not afford such procedures. They will support with college fees, hostel fees, and some pocket money for their expenses. In a nutshell, the selected candidate’s courses entirely sponsored by GN CS. There are medical students, engineering students, nursing students etc. in this program. One of our students passed with a two and rank in engineering a few days ago. We also want to acknowledge the individuals and families who are sponsoring such children.
4) Widow’s pension: This project is a continues to support program for supporting the widows who need help. The list revised periodically to add or delete from the existing list.
5) Medical aids: ongoing help to chronic patients and one time help to many who is in need.
6) Covid 19 support: since the break of the pandemic, we have been instrumental in helping and supporting pastors all over India and needy families.
7) Goodnews compassion: GNCS had undertaken a community in Wayanad who are having deficient living standards and being a support to all their needs, including clothing, food, medical conditions, kids’ education and other necessities, and so on. Now we are planning to develop a project which will make them self-sustainable, and still in the feasibility study stage.

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