I am honored to offer my warmest greetings and congratulations as you release the first copy of our online English publication, “Goodnews Illuminer”, after months of hard work and planning. I am grateful for the opportunity to recognize the exemplary work of our young team, its management, editorial team, writers, designers, and everyone who has contributed to this effort in one way or the other.

Founded by a team of likeminded friends, Goodnews Weekly also began as a humble movement. I am sure the older members of our Malayalee Pentecostal community can recall how Goodnews has grown up from a small handful to its present strength. God did not despise the day of humble beginnings and has brought us thus far; I give all praises and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Goodnews Illuminer is another golden feather on the cap of Goodnews Foundation. Apart from Goodnews Malayalam weekly, we have different teams to take care of our Charity and Missions, online Goodnews, and now this English edition; and each team is accomplishing their call at a larger level.

Again, congratulations and thank you for your dedication and hard work. I also look forward to congratulating you on future anniversaries and momentous occasions. May the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon everyone who are devoting their time, energy, and thinking, to serve the community of believers wherever you are placed.

CV MATHEW<br> Chief Editor <br>Goodnews Weekly

Chief Editor
Goodnews Weekly

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