A church or any organization that has a strong sense of its history will have a better sense of identity to build on for the future. Each organization should take a look back to rediscover how they came into being and how it has grown and changed over the years. It is the right time for Goodnews Illuminer to evaluate themselves as they are going to takeoff soon under the umbrella of Goodnews Foundation.

Goodnews began in 1978 as a weekly publication in Malayalam with a great vision about the Church in Kerala. It has spread its wings to various spiritual and charitable activities along with its main purpose which is Christian journalism. Over the years, as we look back, we realize that God’s fingerprints are all over us. And at the same time, we also look to the future, remembering that we have been called to follow the ‘Kingdom Call’.

Task ahead of us is huge and we must be prepared for it. We have a responsibility to our young people, to prepare them for what they will face in their lives. We have responsibility to our old people, to help meet their needs in a challenging world. Let the stories of faith, commitment, and service that are recited and recreated in words through this publication strengthen our community all over the world.

May God bless this great endeavor!

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