A True Christian

We need His grace and divine power to affect the work of continued transformation so that we may forgive and forget

Francis Schaeffer wrote in his book ‘The Mark of the Christian’ that “I have observed one thing among true Christians in their differences in many countries: What divides and severs true Christian groups and Christians – what leaves a bitterness that can last for 20, 30, 40 years – is not the issue of doctrine or belief that caused the differences in the first place. Invariably, it is a lack of love – and the bitter things that are said by true Christians in the midst of differences.”

 Even True Christians can be wounded by words that may continue to fester over time. Differences in opinions may be forgotten, but the lies and bitter words need not be! Christ living in us is the spiritual reality at salvation, but it does not always get appropriated in all facets of a Christian’s life. We need His grace and divine power to affect the work of continued transformation so that we may forgive and forget!

If there are True Christians, then there are False Christians who feign truth in words but are always liars (Titus 1:12). They trap True Christians in nets of falsehood (1 Tim 1:10), and their destination is the lake of fire (Rev 21:8). With a mouth full of mission but a stomach full of poison, they are the tares which appear like wheat, but are indeed not!

True Christians are those being transformed continually, living their lives in verity, and serving God in sincerity and truth. They are enriched by every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus, provided for life and godliness by the divine power of God, and are eagerly awaiting the advent of Christ. The mark of a True Christian is the continual striving to be like Christ in words and deeds. Such, who being progressively transformed, are exhorted by Apostle Paul to persistently commit themselves into the hands of God who will make them firm to stay blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 1:6). We absolutely need Christ daily to be True Christians!

Pastor Joshin John<br> Houston, USA

Pastor Joshin John
Houston, USA

Pastor Joshin John is an I.T. Consultant and an itinerant preacher. He holds his B.Tech in Electronics Engineering from College of Engineering (CET, Trivandrum, Kerala). He is an ordained minister; and have served as the Youth Pastor, and Lead Pastor of churches. He is actively involved in ICPF ministries. Pastor Joshin and his wife Libby are parents of three children, and resides in Houston, Texas.

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