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The dandling touch of God

Have faith for he works for you
Go straight! For he is the truth
I am here to follow his path
In the redeemed blood to bath

Come to me to console
As I lost my soul
Could find in the wreck of world
Where it is being sold

My heart grieved,
Everytime I was deceived
For God is there to counsel
Hold me to be in arousal

For he renews my strength
And the feathers are intense
To conquer the crest
Where my soul is going to rest

When I define the life
God helps me to thrive
A story which is hard to tell
God helps me to dwell

There is life called eternity
Where we can be in fraternity
I can see Him, when I die
I am waiting to say goodbye!

Joann Johny<br>Trichur, India

Joann Johny
Trichur, India

Joann hails from Koottala and is the youngest in her family. Presently, she is doing her Bachelors in Physiotherapy, and is an active member of PYPA.

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