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Nurturing your child amidst the current events

Parenting is your journey with kids together hence it is vitally important that you stay on the Sunny side to put the little sunshine in their pockets!

“Put on the oxygen mask for yourself first and then your child” as heard on an airplane is a loud and profound statement while you fasten the seatbelt to nurture your child in this changing world. Parenting is your journey with kids together hence it is vitally important that you stay on the Sunny side to put the little sunshine in their pockets! Many times, parents struggle to give their children an understanding of time and events. Some of you may tend to notice that they are on the hyper side of their emotions as they talk louder, easily get distracted, indulge in arguments and fight for no valid reasons. And you might feel like your children are pushing you away at the moment while they try to process the anxiety and confusion. In such situations, here are some specific ways to approach it.

Discern the time: The Apostle Paul writes of the terrible and difficult days upon the world. Pay close attention to the current events that might directly affect your child’s emotional well-being. Dark clouds of fear and agony are quickly formed in their inquisitive minds as they receive the information only in bits and pieces. Only the proper discernment of the time steadies and strengthens a parent with the absolute truth that will drive the darkness away from the child’s mind!

Effective conversation: Children have a core nature to learn by asking questions and not by answering them! It’s important to listen and never belittle what they say. Try to address their concerns about the current issues without dismissing them. Let them know how much they’re loved, cared and safe in Christ just as it applies to you!

Good example: Your kids will look to the way you respond during the difficult times to determine their own approach. If you stay calm and positive, they will too. Let the kids hear you pray for them and speak the words of faith. Remember, they are very watchful!

Be available: Children at all ages look up for support and availability in their anxious times. Most of you run on busy schedules and may tend to overlook this crucial aspect. Show that you are never busy for them. Spend quality time with your kids and keep the sweet incense of family prayer burning! So, in this darkening world, may the Holy Spirit enlighten us in His wisdom and truth as we continue to nurture our children to blossom into who they were meant to be by God since that is the greatest privilege we have as parents.

Elizabeth Mathew

Elizabeth Mathew

Elizabeth Mathew is a born-again, Spirit filled Christian. As a former Vice Principal, she had close association with educators, parents, and children. She enjoys the nature and personality of kids and the attributes they carry. Her passion is to spiritually nurture the Body of Christ through her Articles and Poetry. She has been involved in Sunday School ministry as well as leading secular schools in UAE for over two decades. Elizabeth currently resides in Muscat, Oman with her husband Mr. Abraham Mathew and two children Abel and Lovina.

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