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You will still bloom!

There are lovely flowers that still bloom smart,
Right in the dead of winter and scorching desert,
Overcoming what seemed impossible and hard,
Whispering hopes to bloom beyond your dream yard.

Accept that the soil needs to be softened and broken up,
For seeds could sprout and flowers could spring up,
The creator sustains with springs and morning dew,
To wake them up from longest night to start anew.

O, weary Pilgrim! Don’t lose hope for the journey,
God can still do a brand-new thing in your life early,
Step into the light of trusting beyond your imagination,
And patiently wait for His marvelous blessing’s activation.

Learn the art of letting go the past failures apart,
Put them behind and follow Jesus for a new start,
Your unwavering hope in Him will never be in vain,
Just hear the victory’s ringing cheer over again,
That ‘You will still bloom’!!

Elizabeth Mathew

Elizabeth Mathew

Elizabeth Mathew is a born-again, Spirit filled Christian. As a former Vice Principal, she had close association with educators, parents, and children. She enjoys the nature and personality of kids and the attributes they carry. Her passion is to spiritually nurture the Body of Christ through her Articles and Poetry. She has been involved in Sunday School ministry as well as leading secular schools in UAE for over two decades. Elizabeth currently resides in Muscat, Oman with her husband Mr. Abraham Mathew and two children Abel and Lovina.

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