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Failure – the mystical term

The kind eyes of the Creator brought forth repentance, his sins were forgiven, and his life was transformed

Failure is possibly the most mysterious word in the world. The world is in pursuit of “success,” which is probably the most popular word. Successful people are always glorified and emulated. Those who have failed are not set as examples; the world may even call them as “good for nothing.” The financially “successful” people provide confidence for many to trust in this lustful world system. The world has established a system that is suited for covetous people. But Christ, our Lord, reached out to the failed, humiliated, and debilitated ones.

 In the sight of God, the failed people are the neediest ones. God values the way they struggle and how they toil to reach their destination. Our God has already made a perfect strategy for every person. But the world ignores His predestined strategies for their lives. Had there been someone to listen to people who have failed (without being judged), then they might not consider doing something unthinkable such as harming themselves. Peter is possibly the most fragile and failed person in the Bible, but he remembered the unfailing love of his Master immediately after denying Jesus three times. The kind eyes of his Creator brought forth repentance, his sins were forgiven, and his life was transformed. Likewise, we have to stretch our hands to the failed, broken, and mentally crushed people; and raise them from the pits of depression and failures.

Yes, we can turn our failures into success and our tears to joy, provided we trust God! Though we may have failed in the past, we need to look bravely at those failures and lock them up behind us to start a new life because our Lord is a Victorious God. We should not only erase failures from our life but also be careful in every step to not repeat mistakes!

Aleena Lijo

Aleena Lijo is a child educator with M.A in English Literature from Mahatma Gandhi University. She is working as a teacher in Patna, India; is married to Lijo Varghese with two children.

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