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Blasts in Beirut, Lebanon on the afternoon of 4th August killed at least 171 and injured over 6000 causing more than $10 billion in property damage. COVID-19 cases continue to rise worldwide and is standing at 21 million affected as of today, and lately India is seeing a surge in positive cases. Flooding in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and India have resulted in millions affected; with over 180,000 in Sudan, 35,000 families in Yemen, and well over 7 million in India, affected drastically. Pandemic, social unrest, hate crimes, economic downturn around the globe, and emotional struggles; it is mayhem everywhere to say the least.

Though news media gives a ray of hope of a vaccine found for the virus, the lack of sufficient testing of the same is a concern that many cannot ignore. Economy is on a slow recovery and will take many months to get back to where it was a year ago. Attacks on racial lines and arson of public and private properties are adding to the tension. Working from home have become a new norm unbeknownst to many hitherto, with the side-effect of emotional struggles due to lack of social personal interaction. Online schooling of children is trying to tip the already delicate work-life balance in this season of social distancing.


Amidst all these surrounding dark shadows, may we lift our eyes to the hill from where our help comes; which is Calvary’s hill where darkness briefly covered the Sun of Righteousness. But the final say was not uttered by darkness, but by Light when it declared “It is finished”. Although Light stayed temporarily in the tomb; it was not too long before the Son came out declaring death defeated. What is happening around us stems from sin and the decay it brings in the world; but we have Christ the victorious holy One living in the inside working on our outside making all the change in our lives!

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