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Landmark Agreement

Israel and United Arab Emirates have reached a historic agreement to normalize and establish full diplomatic relations. The deal announced Thursday, August 13th, also marks a freeze of the annexation of Palestinian territories in the West Bank. According to the terms of this agreement, Israel will not only suspend its plans to declare sovereignty over areas that were outlined in President Trump’s Middle East peace proposal, but also will work towards expanding its ties with other Arab countries.

This deal is an outcome of the facilitation by US President Donald Trump, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed. According to released statements, in the upcoming weeks delegations from Israel and UAE will convene to sign bilateral agreements in investment, energy, water, environmental protection, direct airline flights, tourism, establishing embassies, and many others. This is only the third Israel-Arab peace deal after Egypt and Jordan, since Israel’s independence in 1948. The normalization was enthusiastically supported by the political leaders of both Republican and Democrat parties of USA, as well as by the national leaders around the world. Christian leaders and pastors have also come out with their appreciation and support.

UAE publicly recognizing the State of Israel will contribute towards stability and peace in the Middle East. It is expected that more Arab countries will follow the lead of the UAE. Amidst anticipations of a peaceful Israeli-Arab world, this deal was condemned by Iran, Turkey, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Whereas, Egyptian President and Jordanian Foreign Minister welcomed the deal.

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