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David’s life is a testament to the importance of training our children to prepare for life.

When we are first introduced to David, he is an unassuming teenager who is out alone in the fields tending to his father’s sheep. He does not appear to possess any signs of greatness and certainly not any of the qualities desired in a king. However, unbeknownst to even David’s father, the responsibilities that David was tasked with from a young age had created the perfect training ground for him to prepare for his anointed role. You see, God used these seemingly inconsequential moments to EMPOWER David to be the king of Israel. Being a shepherd equipped David with skills that would serve him well in life. It honed his survival instincts and taught him resilience, patience, endurance, and humbleness. In the years that followed, God continued to place David in situations that would test his mettle and add to his repertoire:

  • David’s dealings with Saul taught him how to respect authority, face persecution, act with honor, and handle crises.
  • His meeting with Ahimelech sets the ground for David to understand the constant battle between good and bad and the importance of staying true to oneself and God in the face of fear.
  • David accepted responsibility for his actions when he admits to Abiathar that he alone is responsible for the death of Abiathar’s family.
  • He demonstrated nobility of character when despite being parched and offered water by his chief warriors; he refuses to drink it because he understands that in their attempt to get the water for him, they had put their own lives at risk.
  • David learned to love not just the people who stood for him, but also against him like his own son, Absalom. David’s life is a testament to the importance of training our children to prepare for life within the framework of God’s commandments, expectations, and timing.


It is a reminder to us that we are raising a generation that will be called to take on the mantle of Christ, standing in the gap for their peers, to devote themselves to their families and their communities, to rise against the Goliath’s of the world and when need be, offer the olive branch. Therefore, let us mirror for them what we want them to see in themselves and the people around them and then let us encourage them to be like David – a skilled musician, a man of strength and valor, a prudent speaker, and a man after God’s own heart.

Divine Leonardo

Divine Leonardo

Divine Leonardo is an
educator with the New
York City Department of
Education. She holds a
B.A. in Communicative
English, a B.A. in English,
an M.S. Ed. in Adolescent
Education/English and an
M.S. Ed. in Educational

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