In the book of Genesis, the very first question asked by God is, “Where are you?”. Adam was then in the Garden of Eden, and with just two people on earth, this query was not about physical location but spiritual relation. It shows God’s purpose behind placing Adam in the Garden of Eden – to choose God and not fall for the tempter. This may not be a question, but more of a heartfelt cry of the Father at the son’s graveyard. Adam, the son of God, died in the garden planted by God in Eden. He was not created dead but got killed by the creation. The creation in question is not merely a fruit, but more so the ability to choose to obey or not. The ability to choose is a valuable possession God bestowed on every individual.

Adam chose to consume the forbidden fruit based on Eve’s choice. Eve, in turn, made her decision based on half-truths told her by the serpent. The serpent was cunning enough to tell two truths and one lie based on what God told Adam, thereby convincing Eve to disobey God’s command. The author, Jonathan Swift, has said, “A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.” We see this in the case of Adam and Eve. Even before God reached the garden, the lie had done its damage. Half-truths can lead the innocent astray by violating divine instructions. However, the curse of God fell on the serpent with no room for repentance, as evident by the ignominious ending destined for him! To stand firm in faith is a choice we need to make regardless of the falsehoods thrown at us, not only by Satan but by carnal men as well. Unlike Eve and later Adam, who failed to ask God the veracity of the serpent’s claims, let us be careful to seek the truth and stand up for it since the punishment for propagators and half-truth (liars) is the lake of fire.

The Spaffords are an example of standing firm in faith amidst severe trials. After facing numerous irreparable personal losses, Horatio Spafford, who wrote the oft sung hymn “It is well with my soul,” moved to Jerusalem along with his wife; and their daughter Bertha started the Spafford Children’s Center that serves poor children in East Jerusalem. The Spaffords’ showed the world that standing firm in faith requires not just words but also deeds. Let us choose to stand firm amidst the storms in life, whether there be temptations to sin, personal losses and griefs, vicious attacks on character, or virulent false teachings that harm the soul.

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