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This time, the election in the USA has assumed the greatest significance with God’s plan being revealed to many men of God. Unlike in the past, God has revealed his plan in a louder and clearer voice because the concealed and concerted efforts of some vested interest are there to take America away from the righteous or Godly path. God still remembers and honors the dedication of forefathers of this generation of America to him and how piously they clung on to God while making America great. Spiritually speaking, the world, particularly America, is going through a decisive era with a lot of anti-Godly plans and activities being contemplated and intended to sabotage the righteous order. More precisely speaking, spiritual warfare is on in the case of America, where the election took place recently to decide whether to change the administration or not.

At this juncture, the most unfortunate thing is that a
large section of people, especially Christians, are still in
the dark about the ‘will’ of God and sadly many exercised
their franchise without knowing the ‘will’ of God though
clear signs and evidence were before them. Nonetheless,
God will not forget his covenant with his children, and
his ‘will’ shall prevail over the ‘will’ of men.
The commendable job done by churches across America
in this hour of crisis is to be dutifully remembered and
praised. Churches are engaged in fasting rigorously and
praying incessantly for ending the impasse associated with
the presidential election and surely it is believed God will answer their prayers at the right time.
However, it is to be remembered at
this time that God wants to establish
something through this election, for
America is the leading country in the
world, and any change or deviation
from its Godly path would be
detrimental to America in particular
and to the world in general. So, the
role of praying churches is so essential
and this makes America mighty and
altogether different as God’s favor will
go with it abundantly. However, evil
forces are at work to take the sheen
off America and make it weaken. The
present election imbroglio is highly
intriguing though not interesting and
this situation is an occasion for people
to introspect whether they are moving
in the right direction as per the plan or
will of God. And of course, a praying
church can please and move God
for the greater blessings on America
because prayers will be like incense
before God.

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