Actions Speak Louder Than Words

God sees our problems only as stepping stones, not as obstacles, to reach a new higher level.

The new year brings us joy and hope for a new beginning, and so we look forward to peace and security in our life. It has become a tradition or a ritual among us to celebrate the new year. Practically, the countdown to a new year celebration starts with the Christmas celebration. Many of us had never thought that the year 2020 would bring such sad memories with the COVID-19 pandemic taking a heavy toll on human lives. Just before we rang in the 2020 New Year, we had taken New Year resolution to lead a good life and pledged to provide more good things to those around us. Many of us had even decided to live a stainless and sinless life. But my question is- ‘do we need a new year to make a resolution?’

The sad truth is that if we focus on the past, we will surely lose our energy to move forward. Even in the times of trials and tribulations, we used to receive immense blessings from Almighty God. But it is the nature of man to remember only the pains and not the blessings of the past though it may be difficult in its real sense to forget the past. Admittedly, worrying about our life can never bring about a change in our destiny. If we remain thankful to God throughout our life, we need not think about future troubles or pains because God is with us, and He will deliver us from all kinds of evil.

When we look around us, we can see a slew of problems eating people. But we should not find these problems bigger than they are, and we must have faith in God, as our God is in control of everything. God sees our problems only as stepping stones, not as obstacles, to reach a new higher level. As our God is a God of new things, He can make old things new. Truly, God’s love is unchanging, and God can create things for us out of nothing.

The new year can be an ideal time to make a resolution, but to God, any time is suitable because God wants everyone to be saved without salvation being procrastinated. God tells us to forget the past and wants us to stretch out our hands to receive His blessings. Whatever He does, He does at the right time and for good for us. After all, we are all sojourners on the earth. “I am here on the earth for just a little while; do not hide your commands from me.” (Psalms 119:19)

Dr. Binu Daniel<br> Dusseldorf, Germany

Dr. Binu Daniel
Dusseldorf, Germany

Dr. Binu Daniel is a management consultant, teacher, author, and educationist. He has written numerous articles in well-established English dailies on Economics and Management issues. He lives in Germany with his wife Reena and two daughters, Sharon and Naomi.

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