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Theologian becomes President of Malawi

Charlotte: Lazarus Chakwera, the former Pastor and Superintendent of Assemblies of God, have been elected as the new President of Sub-Saharan African nation of Malawi. Prior to entering public service, he was leading for 24 years the Assemblies of God denomination, which is one of Malawi’s largest religious groups. Chakwera won the presidential race, defeating President Peter Mutharika with 58.57% of the vote.

Chakwera served as an instructor at the Assemblies of God School of Theology for 17 years since 1983, and became the Principal of the School in 1996. Chakwera was named Lazarus by his father after the biblical character whom Jesus raised from the dead, convinced that he would live after his two older brothers died while they were infants.

Evangelist Franklin Graham congratulated the new president, and reminisced his chairing a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association outreach in 2010 called My Hope Malawi. Graham have requested the Christian community to join him in praying to God to bless, direct, and protect President Chakwera as he leads his country.

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