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Alwin Benny is a 24-year-old boy who lives in Kerala, India. He is now the center of an alleged murder case, which is taking the media by storm. The charge against him and the reason for his ararest is that the police believe he killed his 16 year old only sister Ann Mary Maria, on August 5, 2020. According to the news reports, he premeditated the murder of his family members, and served them ice cream laced with rat poison. Why would he commit such a heinous crime against his own sibling? The police say that he was angry with his parents and his sister for standing against his wild wishes. He was not fond of his parents who objected to his friendship with certain people and was conscious of his sister who knew about his behavior and feared that she might tell them. He imagined he would be able to grab the familial property and run away with it to make a comfortable life. The case investigation is progressing, and the police are trying to unearth further details of the crime. In our times we are not so unfamiliar with such news around us.

On Tuesday, July 28, 2020 Merin Joy a Malayalee Nurse from India on her last working day was leaving Broward Health Coral Springs, Florida, USA . The police said that she left the hospital about 7:30 am after her night shift and got to her car; her husband Mathew found her and stabbed her repeatedly, then drove over her with his car. Merrin Joy died the same day morning at 8:51 am. In any such instance, what may be the reasons and causes one ventures into such drastic heinous and cruel acts? No simple answer is enough to explain such. It is quite a baffling question for spiritual leaders, parents, and teachers on how to show the younger generation the right way to lead a life of being better citizens and even better Christians. In the case of Alwin, the outcome of his behavior and thought lead to ultimate disaster and tragedy. Though many of us do not resort to such extreme measures, it is not wrong to admit that we do just as much harm to others through our own behaviors and thoughts. For us as God’s children, we must go back to the values the Bible teaches us. The values we learn from the Bible are definitely not based on materialism, competition, and comparison.

Family is where any individual learns happiness and positive values for life. Do not instill materialism into our children’s mind, rather let them learn to live a responsible life which is accountable to themselves, their family and the society. The lifestyle and communication of parents always influence a child’s valuation and approach to material things and comforts. Teach children to give more value to people than things. When they learn to live life with this responsibility, then they will be able to make their life successful. Competition between siblings is a result of parents foolishly comparing their child with the other. An attitude of competition can cause insecurity, jealousy, and rivalry between siblings. Let our families be centers of happiness and joy, a replica of the Kingdom of God. “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Romans 14:17). Let us ensure fair practices, initiate peace, and celebrate the joy of God’s rule in our families. Consider ourselves ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.

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