The power of Samson

We should always be very conscious about the power of Spirit which is granted to us.

Samson is one of the most powerful characters in the Bible who was used by God. He was physically so strong, and he was incomparable in terms of his physical attributes. Some verses that speak of his ability are – “Tore the lion apart” (Judges 14:6); “Struck down thirty of the men, stripped them.” (Judges 14:19); “Caught three hundred foxes and tied them.” (Judges 15:4); “He attacked them viciously and slaughtered many.” (Judges 15:8); “Struck down 1000 men (Judges 15:15); “He pushed with all his might, down came temple.” (Judges 16:30)

All these words depict his bodily might. But what is most important and significant is that throughout all his endeavors, the Spirit of the Lord strengthened and empowered him since he being a Nazirite— consecrated or dedicated to God from his mother’s womb, to guide and deliver Israelites from the hands of Philistines. God used Samson and his deeds displayed what God’s power could accomplish. But incidentally, this immense power started to wane slowly. He went down to Gaza and spent a night with a prostitute, then thereafter falling in love with Delilah. Samson’s divergences endangered him. He became low spirited by Delilah’s nagging (day after day) to reveal his secret of strength and eventually he opened up everything. He got seized and his eyes were gouged out. He was in shackles, weak, and down. The word of God through the life of Samson teaches and, at the same time warns us of the consequences of misdeeds. Samson’s transgressions led him to breach his vow— the most important code of conduct which a Nazirite must follow. We should not fail to understand by this the fact that God never compromises with his holiness and his covenant. Although in the end, God showed his kindness towards Samson and empowered him one last time to take the revenge of Philistines. We should always be very conscious about the power of Spirit which is granted to us and which dwells in us. It should always wax, not wane.

Moses Mathew

Moses Mathew

Moses Mathew is a Commerce graduate from University of Kerala and was working at Allianz Cornhill. He is a people person and always seeking to learn new things.

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