The Good Samaritan

A man was robbed and left to die by his assailants,

He laid there, ignored by some who saw but simply passed by,

Then a Samaritan with a good and compassionate heart,

Tenderly bound up his wounds with healing oil and wine,

And thoughtfully took him to the inn on his beast.


If I should meet someone in my hard and fast life,

Totally alienated, discouraged and deeply wounded;

Would I hastily respond to care him as my own? –

with a kindly deed and word that will ease his pain?

Or would I choose to pass him by and turn the other way?

How would I act, what would I do, if this occurs today?


If I should hear of some great need in a land unfamiliar,

With different race, religion, culture, color or creed,

Would I humanely step over the ancient bloodline of separation? –

and get involved in their lives and love them as my neighbors?

Or would I refrain myself to get out of my comfort zone?

How would I act, what would I do, if this call comes to me today?


O God, I want a compassionate heart ignited by your love,

In a time when many are wearied and need help to survive,

Let me be like a little mirror reflecting love from above,

Willing to show mercy, no matter the risk or reward,

To save lives with compassion like the Good Samaritan!

Elizabeth Mathew

Elizabeth Mathew

Elizabeth Mathew is a born again, Spirit-filled Christian. As a former Vice Principal, she had a close association with educators, parents, and children. She enjoys the nature and personality of kids and the attributes they carry. Her passion is to spiritually nurture the Body of Christ through her articles and poetry. She has been involved in Sunday School ministry as well as in leading secular schools in UAE for over two decades. Elizabeth currently resides in Muscat, Oman, with her husband, Mr. Abraham Mathew, and two children, Abel and Lovina.

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