abc of a Good Samaritan

Be a neighbor to the Least, Lost, and Last

We all know the story of a Good Samaritan found in Luke 10. Through the parable, Jesus teaches us the importance and virtue of helping others. We all learn and share this story with a wide audience, and it proved to be impactful for the people around the globe. Here, I would like to point out a few traits of a Good Samaritan, which will transform us to be a better version of ourselves.

  1. A Friend in Need is a Neighbor Indeed: This parable is an answer to the question, “Who is my neighbor?” Through this parable, Jesus clears that – rather than inquire about ‘Who is our neighbor?’, be a neighbor to the Least, Lost and Last. In Luke 4:16-20, Jesus states his mission statement. Being the followers of Christ, it’s our obligation to carry forward that mission in the 21st Century.
  2. Be the Doers of the Word: Prior to the Samaritan, a Priest and a Levite crossed the same way and witnessed the half-dead man; but offered no help. They depict the group of people who know the scripture very well but never bring that into the practical dimension. This point is further explained in James 1. The current generation is in desperate need of people who would project the Love of God through their lives.
  3. Choose to be the ‘Good’ one: Good Samaritan is an oxymoron as per the Jewish standards. A Samaritan can never be a ‘Good one’ because of the shortcomings. But Jesus broke every existing social understanding and depicted them as ‘Good ones.’ Similarly, we humans can never be holy because of the shortcomings. But Jesus offers us the ‘Good way’ to be blessed and holy through his Grace (Eph 1:3). Our choices of the way will define our lives.

Rev. Aby Kurian

Rev. Aby Kurian is working in North India as a Pastor of Assemblies of God. He did his Bachelors in Divinity (BD) from Kerala and served as an Associate Pastor at Centenary Assembly of God Church (Uttar Pradesh) and a Bible Teacher. Currently, he is pursuing his M.Th. in New Testament from Kerala. He is also serving as a member of Assemblies of God of North India Media Department (Agni TV).

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